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.:[Beta Persei]:. by Xxlove-melodyxX
.:[Beta Persei]:.
:bulletred::star::bulletred: A roughly sketched and a simply colored version of Algol's (human form) weapon, Beta Persei! :w00t: :bulletred::star::bulletred: (he is a part of the fun and amazing group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

I will try to add in his bio later as I don't have much time now, but it will be coming so stay tuned! ;)

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Beta Persei, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
[OC Meme: Ceti, Algol, and Spike] by Xxlove-melodyxX
[OC Meme: Ceti, Algol, and Spike]
:star: My very first fill in took a lot longer than I thought XD :star:

It's all rough and messy here, but this is my first time, so maybe in the future, I'll have the time to draw cleaner ones ^_^ :heart:

This is involving Ceti, Spike, and Algol ^^ (they are all part of the fun and awesome group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

Enjoy! :hug:

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

79 Ceti b, Spike, Algol, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
..*[Xeno Bust with Info]*.. by Xxlove-melodyxX
..*[Xeno Bust with Info]*..
:blackrose: A simple white-on-black style art piece of one of my celestial OC, Xeno :blackrose: (He is a part of the awesome and sensational group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

Some additional information about him...:blackrose:

:bulletblack: Xeno's books serves as something similar to a Ouija, where he can connect with the other demonic side, communicate with spiritual sources, and bring over creatures and monsters...apparently, these creatures' designs and behaviors are created in his mind while some are his mutated victims...
:bulletblack: When releasing his energy, victims around Xeno can spontaneously combust...eventually turning into mutated creatures that gets trapped in his books and becomes his source of monsters when he summons them...
:bulletblack: Xeno can also give nightmares, causing traumatizing dreams by bringing forth the individual's most sensitive memory and distorting it in a horrible way...he can also intrude and manipulate in the mind of others while they are awake or if one hears an odd voice speaking to them in their mind, it's most likely Xeno trying to "communicate"...
:bulletblack: Because Xeno can manipulate minds in a traumatizing has been said that he can "indirectly" cause his victims to commit suicide, kill others, and bring out the sin within themselves because they suffer so much from the agony caused their distorted memories...which Xeno brings about...people sometimes calls this behavior "unconscious killing" or "the sleepwalk to death" sometimes, Xeno controls people's minds while they are sleeping and dreaming to walk off ledges and such...
:bulletblack: Though Xeno's true identity is unknown, he behaves very much like a ghost; he can be at one spot at one moment and suddenly appear to the next...his behaviors are eerie and the way he can channel spiritual powers to the real world seems uncanny and unsettling...

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Xeno, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
:..[Blazing Venom]..: by Xxlove-melodyxX
:..[Blazing Venom]..:
:rose: A drawing of Joides with his blades (and his tail) on fire :rose: (He is part of the wonderful and spectacular group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

Joides's blood is not just a thick, black substance, but also has similar properties to thick oil...therefore, Joides's blood has the ability to catch his blades/blood on fire and sustain it for a long time. 

Though Joides does not fare well in hot weather, he ironically does not feel the burning sensation when using his "burning blades", as the toxins in his blood also serves as an agent that blocks the burning sensation. 

It is his toxins/venom that also gives off poisonous fumes when his blades are on fire, and these "venomous smokes" can cause light-headed-ness, nausea, stiffness, and even death if inhaled too much of it.

Joides's blades also begins to secrete or "sweat" out more toxin when lit on fire, like how a candle would "sweat" as the heat of the fire melts it. These dripping toxins (which can combine with embers to create "mini flames" and can resemble hot tar) can, in turn, spray on opponents when Joides moves his arms about...when hit, victims can experience severe burns and paralysis while burning in the flames caused by the embers.

It has been said that the paralysis prevents victims from putting themselves out from the they burn while they are still alive.

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Joides, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
:..[Character simple sketch + shading]..: by Xxlove-melodyxX
:..[Character simple sketch + shading]..:
:star: A simple sketching and shading practice of two of my Celestial OCs :star:

Becca (on the top left) and Spike (humanized - on the bottom right) :D
I love and love digital drawing the more I do it! :love:

To be honest...I want to touch Becca's fluffy hat and pet Spike's fluffy hair...XD

I just randomly drew these two for fun! :D (They both are a part of the exciting and fantastic group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Becca, Spike, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:


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Hello! :star::wave::star:
It is very nice to meet you! :star:

Thank you for stopping by to my page! :heart::hug::heart:
It's a true honor to receive your presence here, and I hope that my gallery can leave your day with something happy and illuminating! :heart:

I am a student who loves drawing, enjoys running, and is a passionate pianist :star:
Baking and creating/reading stories are also my other joyful hobbies :star:

I love meeting new people, so please don't be afraid to ask me a question if you have any! :heart:

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you will have a wonderful day! :heart::blowkiss::heart:
Hi friends :heart:

School will be starting for me today, so I just wanted to let you all know in advance that I may not be as active as I was during the summer (^^)

I will definitely still be posting artworks, but probably mainly sketches because of my time spent on school and other real life things :aww:

So, if I don't respond/reply for a long time, it's because of school and such (^^)

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

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