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:..[Blazing Venom]..: by Xxlove-melodyxX
:..[Blazing Venom]..:
:rose: A drawing of Joides with his blades (and his tail) on fire :rose: (He is part of the wonderful and spectacular group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

Joides's blood is not just a thick, black substance, but also has similar properties to thick oil...therefore, Joides's blood has the ability to catch his blades/blood on fire and sustain it for a long time. 

Though Joides does not fare well in hot weather, he ironically does not feel the burning sensation when using his "burning blades", as the toxins in his blood also serves as an agent that blocks the burning sensation. 

It is his toxins/venom that also gives off poisonous fumes when his blades are on fire, and these "venomous smokes" can cause light-headed-ness, nausea, stiffness, and even death if inhaled too much of it.

Joides's blades also begins to secrete or "sweat" out more toxin when lit on fire, like how a candle would "sweat" as the heat of the fire melts it. These dripping toxins (which can combine with embers to create "mini flames" and can resemble hot tar) can, in turn, spray on opponents when Joides moves his arms about...when hit, victims can experience severe burns and paralysis while burning in the flames caused by the embers.

It has been said that the paralysis prevents victims from putting themselves out from the they burn while they are still alive.

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Joides, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
:..[Character simple sketch + shading]..: by Xxlove-melodyxX
:..[Character simple sketch + shading]..:
:star: A simple sketching and shading practice of two of my Celestial OCs :star:

Becca (on the top left) and Spike (humanized - on the bottom right) :D
I love and love digital drawing the more I do it! :love:

To be honest...I want to touch Becca's fluffy hat and pet Spike's fluffy hair...XD

I just randomly drew these two for fun! :D (They both are a part of the exciting and fantastic group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Becca, Spike, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
.:[Ghorvak]:. by Xxlove-melodyxX
:heart: A new character joining the Ellen and Joides's crew!! :w00t: :heart:

He is a guardian protecting a (made-up) quasar in the (made-up) Akyri Constellation! ^0^ :heart: (The crew and this character are a part of the amazing and fun-filled group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

Now, his bio! :boogie:

Name: Ghorvak [Pronounced: gore-vock]

Symbol: N/A

A.K.A: Ghorvak, Gee, Ghor, Vak

Position: Ghorvak is one of the many guardians protecting a quasar located in the center of the Akyri Constellation.

Height: 13’5”

Weight: 1 ton

Gender: Male

Eye Color: [Eye existence cannot be identified]

Hair Color: [Hair existence cannot be identified]

Personality Traits: Ghorvak is a lone type of individual who keeps to himself most of the times. He only talks when someone comes up to him. Due to his massive and overwhelming appearance, he struggles to develop friendship with others. For this, he never got to really educate himself, and therefore, he can only talk in fragments and short sentences.

However, Ghorvak is actually kind and gentle once one gets to know him. He tends to be distant at first, but can show his friendly and sincere side eventually. Ghorvak can also be trustworthy and faithful, but he is very easily tempered. He is bipolar and can change from being gentle to being violent. In this sense, Ghorvak has dual personalities, and can behave drastically different depending on which personality/mood he is on. Once angered, it’s hard to calm him down and his giant size can add to his uncontrolled brutality.

Ghorvak is aware of his temper issues, but he struggles to restrain his angry-side throughout his life. For this, he tries to avoid developing friendship with others in fear of hurting them. After his anger rampage ceases, Ghorvak has the habit of apologizing excessively, for he genuinely feels guilty for his uncontrolled actions. He even cries at certain conditions, and has no real intention of hurting others deep down inside. It’s just really, really hard for him to control the other, brutal side of his personality.

His body structure: Ghorvak has a hefty and a muscular frame protected with heavy gear. The heaviness adds to his training, as it helps him become more adjusted to heavy-weighted things. He is tall, large, and massive, and is considered as a giant. His head, however, is always in a helmet, and no one has seen his face before. Even without his gear, Ghorvak can still withstand heavy blows due to his big body structure.

Guardian/ moons/ satellites: Ghorvak has no guardians, moons, or satellites.

Base Power: Ghorvak has a large, lacrosse-like stick that can generate high-energy concentrated balls (it has the same energy as his quasar). He can then swing his stick to shoot out these powerful balls of energy towards his opponents at high speed. Though he is large, Ghorvak can be quick, and this often shocks his opponents, which they think he is slow due to his largeness. Ghorvak can also use this stick to hit people, and the tip of the stick is sharp enough to be used as like bayonets (like a knife).

Ghorvak can give strong punches, enough to break through walls and crush large boulders and even a handful of people. By stamping his foot, he can also cause earthquakes. He is well-skilled in dealing with staff/stick weaponry, and is ambidextrous. His helmet and gear also provides him with secondary protection.  

Closest Companions: Though struggling at first, Ghorvak eventually develops a good relationship with the crew. He especially appreciates Ellen and Joides for letting him join their crew and for helping him out through his struggles. Ghorvak also becomes close friends with Jay…for Ghorvak, Jay is like a big brother to him. He tends to follow Jay a lot and stay close to him for comfort, and in this sense, Ghorvak is almost like a young child.

Hatred: Ghorvak does not hate anybody, but when he’s angry, he gets bitter at anyone, no matter who they are. During his anger rampage, Ghorvak cannot tell friends from foes.

Ghorvak’s Background: Ghorvak serves as a guardian among many other guardians to protect a quasar that has developed in his constellation. Since it emits powerful energy and matter, people can get attracted to it and try to harness the energy for their own selfish use. To prevent this, the constellation has gathered several of its powerful citizens to grant them the honor of protecting the quasar.

Ghorvak was one of these…but he did not have much of a choice because he had nowhere to go anyways. He was shunned by many for his large size and for his unpredictable brutality. When he got the honor of being one of the guardians for the quasar, Ghorvak was delighted. Back then, he did not wear a helmet.

However, Ghorvak did not expect the brutal physical and verbal harassment he received from his peers (other guardians) and he was often ridiculed for his overgrowth, dual personality, and uneducated background. Though the other guardians protected the quasar well, they did not treat Ghorvak fairly. Slowly losing his confidence, Ghorvak remained quiet as he did not have any guts to confess his problems…and he had no one to really confess to.

After many, many years of constant unexpressed torture, Ghorvak met Ellen’s crew, but by then Ghorvak was extremely reserved and muted. However, since Ellen’s crew were badly in need of hospitality, Ghorvak secretly provided them food and shelter without letting the other guardians know.

His generosity paid off, for after recovering, Ellen and Joides listened well to Ghorvak’s struggle with the other guardians. When Ghorvak was just about to get bullied again, the crew helped team up with Ghorvak to teach the other guardians a lesson about treating others fairly, and to not judge them by size or background. Overwhelmed, the guardians realized their flaws and all apologized to Ghorvak, whom did not expect such outcome.

Ghorvak thanked the crew for helping him overcome his lack of confidence and for supporting him all the way. He shyly asked Ellen and Joides if he could join their crew (for Ghorvak began to love the family-like support of the crew), as another guardian was willing to take his spot so that Ghorvak can go with the crew on their journey.

The twins happily accepted Ghorvak to their team, and the crew continued to flourish with another new member.

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Ghorvak, other characters mentioned, story, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:

.:[Xeno]:. by Xxlove-melodyxX
:heart: Another new companion to the Ellen and Joides's crew!! :w00t: Well...more like a stalker XD He just "joined" the group without ever asking for permission :blackrose: He thought it was interesting to "tag along"...:iconcreepyonionplz: (Ellen, Joides, and Xeno are a part of the awesome and fabulous group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

He is a (made-up) neutron star that experienced a supernova...:aww:

And now...his bio...:blackrose:

Name: Xeno [Pronounced: zee-no]

Symbol: N/A

A.K.A: Xe [Pronounced: zee]

Position: Xeno is technically a “dead” star as he is a neutron star that was developed after a significant supernova explosion. He was thought to be located in the Allodapos Constellation…but rumor says that since he is theoretically dead, he is no longer there…but travelers claim that they sometimes see his star and sometimes don’t see his star in that particular constellation.

Height: 7’3”…(?)

Weight:  199 pounds…(?)

Gender:  Male…(?)

Eye Color: [To be determined]

Hair Color: [To be determined]

Personality Traits: Xeno is a mysterious and a perplexing individual…but can also be betraying, selfish, and cold-hearted. He naturally lies with ease, and is sly with his ways (almost ghost-like). He always seems to find a way out of his cruel plans, and cares less for others. He only sees himself and anything he can benefit off of. Xeno can also be eerie for he says truthful things in a very creepy way, and his grin is said to look like he is plotting something nasty against you. It’s hard to tell what Xeno is thinking, but his mind behaves almost inhumanely, as he sees things that others cannot see. He has the tendency to suddenly appear behind someone, or creep up to them in the strangest manner, as though he wants something. In this sense, Xeno can intrude a person's privacy...

Because he knows so much, Xeno can also be haughty and arrogant, but most of the times, he is collected, calm, and uncanny. One of the most uncomfortable attributes of Xeno is said to be how he smiles. People claim that it gives them shivers and an ominous feeling, as if Xeno already knows what’s bound to happen. His also appears judging with his unsettling gaze.

His body structureL Xeno has a lean body figure, and doesn’t particularly have extremely toned muscles. However, he is still fit, and is rather more flexible and delicate than muscular.

Guardian/ moons/ satellites: Xeno used to have moons…but after his supernova, they disappeared together with him…(?).

Base Power: Xeno has the ability to use magic/spells. He can summon ancient creatures from books, bring images in books to real life, and gain magical powers from the texts of books to cast spells. In doing so, he can battle without physically bringing himself anywhere near harm. This is why his body is not muscular; he has no need for physical strength when his magic can do all of his work.

Xeno can also inscribe new magic formulas/texts, create new spells, and draw illustrations in his books to resurrect them to life. It has been said that Xeno can also read minds, and predict what might happen next.

With his spell abilities, he can trap victims within his books forever, or absorb their life source to contribute to his own life source (make him youthful). It has been said that Xeno’s books are made of his victim’s skin and is inscribed with his victim’s blood.

Closest Companions: Xeno has no particular close companion…he is usually solitary in an eerie way.

Hatred: Xeno doesn’t hate anybody in particular…but he brings a great deal of discomfort and eeriness to the crew...

Xeno’s Background: Xeno was once a star that had moons revolving around him instead of planets. He was said to be a very kind and generous individual whom cared for others...And so, all was well until his mysterious supernova incident, which no one could explain since he was still technically young and no harm was said to be in his way. However, Xeno “died” as his supernova went off, killing off his moons together….or did they?

Rumor says that even though people thought Xeno “died”, he was actually a disfigured corpse that miraculously still lived thanks to his magical abilities. But he was hideous and almost monster-like, so he absorbed the life source of his moons to bring back his youth and former appearance. Some people claim that he also took the skins and certain parts of his moon’s dead carcasses to patch them on his ugly self to make him look youthful, as well. So, it can be that Xeno is not what he looks like above, but what he looks above is actually how certain pieces of his moons put together looks like. No one know what Xeno truly looks like after his “death”…yet, all of these conspiracies are debatable…for no one knows the real truth behind his mysterious so-called “death”. All they know is that Xeno changed from a compassionate man into a mysterious and a supernatural "creature" after his supernova, but even that, they're not sure if he's faking it...

Remnants of his “dead” star remains, but travelers avoid it as much as they can for they claim that it “emits an eerie atmosphere”. Unfortunate travelers who don’t know the tale and ends up in lair are never to be heard again. People claim that they either got their life force sucked out, or got eaten…for eating his victims is another way Xeno improves his “conditions”. People believe that if Xeno absorbs a certain amount of life source, he can regain life, resurrect, and become a celestial being once more.

For this, citizens believe that Xeno is a cannibalistic creature that has somehow evaded death…though that can be questionable. Some claim that he is a ghost, while others claim that he is a murderer for “feeding off” of his moons.

Because nothing is stated valid about him, Xeno’s perceived information is also debatable. Although he joined Ellen and Joides’s crew, it was not for companionship, but more to stalk them for his own benefit.

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Xeno, other characters mentioned, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:

::[Flat colored sketch- Algol and 79 Ceti b]:: by Xxlove-melodyxX
::[Flat colored sketch- Algol and 79 Ceti b]::
79 Ceti b, the cheerful jovian, skipped towards the demon star, Algol, whom was irritably pacing around with annoyance and impatience.
"Al~!" Ceti cooed, forcing Algol to turn around sharply and grit his teeth with anger.

"DON'T CHU F*CKIN' COME ANY CLOSER YOU SH*TFACE!!!" Algol erupted, his face red with rage while pointing at Ceti menacingly.

"Aww, don't be such a grumpy pooky!" the red haired man laughed kindly, his cheeks warming with joy in seeing his friend, "Why don't I give you a hug?"


Ceti squeaked and giggled, irritating Algol more as he suddenly grabbed Ceti by his scarf.

"ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT!!!!! F*CK YOU, CETI!!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!!!! YOU'RE DEAD, YA HEAR ME???!!"Algol roared as Ceti thought his friend was interesting and entertaining to watch.

:heart: Two of my Celestial OCs, Algol (left) and 79 Ceti b (right) :heart: (They both are a part of the fantastic and wonderful group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

I love drawing them so much :giggle::love::giggle:

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Algol, 79 Ceti b, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:


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Hello! :star::wave::star:
It is very nice to meet you! :star:

Thank you for stopping by to my page! :heart::hug::heart:
It's a true honor to receive your presence here, and I hope that my gallery can leave your day with something happy and illuminating! :heart:

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Thank you for your time, and I hope that you will have a wonderful day! :heart::blowkiss::heart:
Hi friends :heart:

School will be starting for me today, so I just wanted to let you all know in advance that I may not be as active as I was during the summer (^^)

I will definitely still be posting artworks, but probably mainly sketches because of my time spent on school and other real life things :aww:

So, if I don't respond/reply for a long time, it's because of school and such (^^)

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

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