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..[29 Ellen b - simple coloring].. by Xxlove-melodyxX
..[29 Ellen b - simple coloring]..
:star::rose: A simple sketching and coloring of 29 Ellen b! :rose::star: (he is part of the awesome and wonderful group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

I drew this a while ago and colored today! :w00t: :star:

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

29 Ellen b, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
[Jay] by Xxlove-melodyxX
:star: Another full reference piece, this time, for another one of my celestial OC, Jay! :w00t: :star: (He is part of the awesome and incredible group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

His chibi form can be enjoyed here...! ---> :star: .:[Jay]:. :star:

And other full reference character, like this one, can be enjoyed here...! ---> :star: [Becca] :star:


Name: Jay

Symbol: N/A

A.K.A: DJ, Jay-Bird

Position: Jay lives on a ringed (partly terrestrial and partly gas) planet in the Forte Constellation. Being in the center of the constellation, his planet is known to have great DJ parties, all-nighter clubs, and dance/music conventions-competitions.

Height: 7’0”

Weight:  198 pounds

Gender:  Male

Eye Color: [Cannot be identified due to his visor glasses]

Hair Color: Golden-yellow

Personality Traits: Jay is a chill, relaxed, friendly, humorous, easy-going, but also a daring individual who thinks life is just a fun game. He’s a great lover of music and likes to create his own music to express his passion. Cheerful, upbeat, forgiving, flexible, kind, giving, and uplifting, Jay tends to light up those around him with his optimism and rhythmic energy.

When faced with an obstacle, Jay reacts calmly and almost without any stress. He’s even more pleasant when listening to music, and he enjoys sharing his love for music to others. Jay is not afraid to try new things, and in fact, enjoys challenging himself and setting the bar high to see what he can possibly discover about himself that he never knew about.

Jay is also loyal and likes to make new friends; he’s not afraid to help out others, and doesn’t leave anyone feeling left out. In this sense, Jay makes the Ellen and Joides’s crew fun and joyous. Jay is not only talented in musical areas, but he also has some artistic tastes and enjoys dancing with passion. His energetic and lively personality pairs well with his active and exciting hobbies.

His body structure: Jay has a lean, but a well-toned and flexible body overall. He has on a slightly-see through visor glasses, a hat turned backwards, a music device + headphones, and another large headphone around his neck.

Guardian/ moons/ satellites: Jay has some moons that serve as ghetto areas and home to poor families in need…this is where he learned breakdancing, martial arts, and the value of helping others.

Base Power: Jay is great in the fighting-combination of breakdancing and martial arts and also does well in close-combat battles because of his daring personality. He uses dance moves to mask his martial arts abilities and enjoys fighting in this way…and this also helps to confuse his opponents. Quick and full of good rhythm, Jay can perform both powerful and eye-pleasing battle performances while listening to his music. Usually, Jay listens to one of his favorite song when fighting, and tries to win the battle before the song ends. Though Jay has no special powers or abilities, he instead, uses his passion and love for music to inspire him in battles and have fun in it. He also earned his martial arts abilities while living in the ghettos/in the streets/slums. And because he lived life in a hard way/environment, Jay wants to provide a lifestyle of joy and fun for others.

Jay is also good at rapping, singing (like a capella, etc), and creating a variety of music with various materials around him.

Closest Companions:  Jay gets along well with everyone equally in the crew, but has deep respects for the twins, 29 Ellen b and Joides. Jay’s warm personality also makes him a great companion to Void, whom is shy and reserved.

Hatred: Jay doesn’t hate anyone in particular. He sees all as good folks in his view. Even if someone is hostile or hateful towards him, Jay is usually calm and chill with the other’s point of view.

Jay’s Background: Not much is known about Jay’s deep history, but what he does is performing live DJ music performances and holding music concerts for all to enjoy at his musical planet. He gives fun festivals, dancing events, and such for all to appreciate and enjoy the excitement of not just music and dancing, but of life. Jay feels that everyone deserves to chill out and have fun in their lives, and he wants to provide the joy. But the music stage is not the only special place for Jay. Jay also has some connection with the ghetto areas of his moons, and enjoys spending time with the people there. Dancing, having some light fighting, and even breaking some few rules (like spray painting walls and such), Jay lives freely in areas like this and treats everyone with respect and friendliness. Some of these moons that he has, is not just ghetto-like, but also serves as homes for several poor families who are in need of a place to stay. Jay provides them food, shelter, and entertainments as these families reside, with thanks, on his moons, occasionally visiting his live DJ for joy. He even lets those in need make homes on his planet ring, for security, entertainment, and relaxation. Jay believes that showing kindness and helping those around him can become a strong inspiration for others. For this, Jay and the people who visit to his planet and the people on his moon are like a close knit family and he earned the title, “The Generous One” or “The Musical Magician”.


---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Jay, other characters mentioned, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:

**[...Twins...]** by Xxlove-melodyxX
:heart::iconbeauroseplz::iconbouquetplz: Another short comic between my two celestial OCs, 29 Ellen b and Joides :iconbouquetplz::iconbeauroseplz::heart: (they are both part of the lovely and beautiful group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

This piece reflects how even though Ellen and Joides are different in personality and likes/dislikes, they still love each other for who they are :rose:

I believe that this form of love is very significant in life, so I tried my best to convey this message :aww: :heart:

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

29 Ellen b, Joides, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
.:[Bachlav and Dormateesh]:. by Xxlove-melodyxX
.:[Bachlav and Dormateesh]:.
:bulletwhite::bulletred::blackrose: Two new celestial characters for the heart-warming and friendly group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:! :blackrose::bulletred::bulletwhite:

Their names are Bachlav (on the right) and Dormateesh (on the left) :rose::bulletblack:

Some information on them...:

:blackrose::bulletred: They are wormholes and serve as a two-way passage that acts as a shortcut through space :star:
:blackrose::bulletred: Their stitched faces are the openings to the different parts of the universe :star:
:blackrose::bulletred: Bachlav and Dormateesh have no specific area they live in; they mysteriously appear in certain spots and disappear in an inconsistent manner :star:
:blackrose::bulletred: Because they are wormholes, they are separated, as one serves as one end of the wormhole and the other serves as the other end...but sometimes...they reunite :star:
:blackrose::bulletred: They are sometimes referred to as the "No Face Phantoms" :star:
:blackrose::bulletred: though they are known to permit travelers through their wormhole, sometimes they eat their victims, inviting them into the wormhole and closing all end to trap them and digest them...and so those unfortunate travelers are never to be seen again at the other end of the wormhole :star:

More information to come soon...! :w00t:

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

Bachlav, Dormateesh, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
[...Algol and Ceti Comic...] by Xxlove-melodyxX
[...Algol and Ceti Comic...]
Ceti never gives up in trying to find the kindness in Algol...:giggle: :heart: He believes Algol is a good man deep down inside :aww: :heart: (these two characters are part of the amazing and fun group, :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)

Ceti made puppets to see what it would look like to interact with Algol without getting beaten up, but...he got beaten up anyways in the end XD

Algol hears everything, so is he hears anything that annoys him, he'll come stompin' with anger :rofl: 
That's what he did here, and Ceti did not have a pleasant time XD

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

79 Ceti b, Algol, concept, and work ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:


Xxlove-melodyxX's Profile Picture
Always keep your beautiful smile
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hello! :star::wave::star:
It is very nice to meet you! :star:

Thank you for stopping by to my page! :heart::hug::heart:
It's a true honor to receive your presence here, and I hope that my gallery can leave your day with something happy and illuminating! :heart:

I am a student who loves drawing, enjoys running, and is a passionate pianist :star:
Baking and creating/reading stories are also my other joyful hobbies :star:

I love meeting new people, so please don't be afraid to ask me a question if you have any! :heart:

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you will have a wonderful day! :heart::blowkiss::heart:
Hi friends! :wave:

I was thinking...not now, but in two more weeks, if I opened a chibi commission, would you be interested in ordering one? (๑'ᴗ'๑)b :star:

Here would be what the prices would look like...
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ :star:

:bulletyellow: Chibi lineart with background or no background ---> 50 :points:

:bulletyellow: Chibi lineart + simple grey shadow with background or no background ---> 100 :points:

:bulletyellow: Chibi lineart + flat color with background or no background ---> 200 :points:

I just want to see who's interested and who's not, but don't feel forced that you need to say your opinions or anything 
(‐^▽^‐) :star:

Thank you for your time! 
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* :rose:

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