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**CC stands for my project "Constellation Cetus"! (^0^)// :heart:

Some fun facts about all of the characters above! :happybounce:

:star::bulletred: 79 Ceti b :bulletred::star:
-In addition to using Discus as his weapon, Ceti can also ride on Discus like a flying saucer! ^0^ This allows him to fight aerially (since Ceti cannot hover like his companions) and when in peril (like falling from the sky), Discus enlargens and can save him by flying and catching him ^^ Discus provides Ceti with little straps to secure his feet in so that as he flies, he won't fall ^^ But when he needs to get off, the strap simply and harmlessly melts to let Ceti freely go ^-^ By bending Discus inwards, Ceti can also create a sled to ride on when sliding down steep hills and such ^^

:star::bulletyellow: Cece :bulletyellow::star:
-Though Cece is originally known to be a radio, he also has the ability to "transfer" himself and his ability to transform into other mechanical objects ^^ For example, he can transfer himself/his energy from the radio into a jet and transform into a robot from a jet ^0^ This allows him to take on various mechanical forms and help his companions when needed ^.^

:star::bulletorange: Algol :bulletorange::star:
-Algol is actually a zombie/mummy that once died but got resurrected by an evil demonic spirit a long time ago ^^ This is why whenever Algol gets hurt, he keeps coming back or appears healed even after a heavy battle since his zombie/mummy nature gives him healing power and the ability to re-attach/grow limbs and reform again ^.^ So even if his head gets chopped off, he's still technically alive and if his arms gets torn off, either they will crawl their way back to Algol or he will regrow new, strong ones ^^ It has been said that every time Algol regrows, heals, or reforms, he becomes stronger with vengeance ^-^

:star::bulletblack: Spike :bulletblack::star:
-Spike is considered as a male by others, but he is actually a "hermaphrodite"; meaning, he has both male and female reproductive organs ^^ This is to allow asteroid creatures to mate effectively and quickly with any species, since it can both give its genes through its male reproductive organ and inherit genes through its female reproductive organ. Some considers asteroid creatures like Spike as "pseudohermaphrodite", meaning, he looks like a male but has female reproductive organs (or vice versa for other asteroid creatures) ^.^ But even though Spike looks like a male, he has both reproductive organs (Scott being his female reproductive organ and his twin tails being his male reproductive organ) ^^

:star::bulletpink: Sweeps-10 :bulletpink::star:
-Sweeps is said to be so fast she can travel at the speed of light! ^0^ If she is to generate electricity by riding on a bicycle, her incredible speed is said to be capable of providing electricity for several whole planets ^^ And because Sweeps is so fast, she can run on water and run on the ceiling/walls since she won't fall down from such a speed ^.^

:star::bulletblue: GJ 1214b :bulletblue::star:
-GJ can create typhoons and hurricanes by controlling the humidity around him ^^ GJ can also "trap" opponents in his suit by melting himself into a fluid and then covering his victims with his fluid, forming the hard shell of his suit around him/her. Once inside, GJ can begin to fill the suit with his fluid and melt his enemy while they are trapped in his suit. Since his fluid can have acid-like properties, his rain is sometimes considered as "acid rain" for it slowly melts his enemies as they fight under his rain/storms ^0^

:star::bulletblack: Carbide :bulletblack::star:
-Carbide is an excellent blacksmith and an inventor who can create any weapons/items if he needs to! ^.^ For convenient transportation, he can build his own vehicles/mode of transportation (motorcycles/cars/speed boats) and has even build an aerial system into his suit, which allows him to fly! ^^ Running on clean energy for both his transportation and aerial system, Carbide can fly and also fight aerially, though his javelin throwing skills also excels from ground level ^-^ It has been said that Carbide can fix up his companion's weapons, and create very useful items out of scraps ^^ Carbide also has a stealth mode in his suit, and can turn invisible, as well! ^0^

:star::bulletred: Wasp-12b :bulletred::star:
-Wasp can harden his thick oil body to withstand hard blows, and his cracked skin can also serve as a second defense mechanism in addition to his harden body ^^ But, if he is to get cut in half and such, Wasp can still live for his thick oil body can ooze back together to form his normal shape again ^0^ Additionally, if someone attacks Wasp with his/her body, Wasp can envelope his victim in his oily ooze (from his hair and body) and burn/fry the victim alive. By suddenly raising his body temperature to scorching temperature, Wasp can also "dehydrate" his opponents and kill them by evaporating their inner fluids and also kill them with heat strokes ^.^

:star::bulletyellow: HD 149026 b :bulletyellow::star:
-HD can create force fields by concentrating his electricity all together, forming an electric barrier similar to that of an electric fence ^^ He can also channel his electricity through any weapon, giving them a boost when he's using them during his battles ^0^ Since he is a robot, HD can also track down and take information from mechanical systems/items that could not be accessed by others ^.^ HD mainly likes using two guns, but he can also attach them together to form one large one or rearrange them to form other guns, like rifles and such ^-^

:star::bulletpurple: TrES-2b :bulletpurple::star:
-Using his ability of controlling both animate and inanimate objects, Tres can lift his enemies airborne and crush/twist/rip them apart without having to actually physically come in contact with his victim ^^ His "force" can do damages that would usually require physical labor, but Tres can use this power to kill his enemy without even touching his foes ^0^ Since Tres can also control other's minds, he can overwork his victim to serve him until he/she dies. In this sense, Tres's ability is somewhat parasitic, as it infects his victim's mind and behaviors ^^ Tres also not only bring inanimate objects to life, but also gives them predetermined orders that allow his objects to move and behave independently, always serving under what Tres ordered for them to do ^^

:star::bulletblue: Ogle-2005-BLG-390Lb :bulletblue::star:
-Ogle can create large blizzards, snow storms, and heavy/snowy avalanches to trap victims in the snow and later dig their frozen carcasses out to eat them. By freezing the moisture in the ground, ceiling, and walls, she can also force large spikes of ice/icicles to erupt out of the ground/ceiling/wall to stab her enemies and create an icy and dangerous battle field ^.^ Ogle can also freeze the ground so that her opponents gets "frostbited" or stuck to the ground with her ice and so that she can skate advantageously while her enemies may struggle on the slippery ice ^^ But generally speaking, Ogle can quickly freeze her enemies by dropping the temperature. Whenever she fights, it is also said that she causes snow to fall in order to boost her abilities and keep her form ^0^ 

---More information will be added as time goes along! :w00t: I'm also planning on creating individual stories for each of the above character, sharing their background history and such! :boogie: I'm so excited for this! :D (And all of these above characters are a part of a wonderful and an awesome group called :star::iconcelestial-ring::star:!!!)---

---Thank you for your time! :wave:---

All above characters, abilities, and info ~ (c) :music::iconxxlove-melodyxx::music:
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